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I'll update the page with the proper pictures once the characters appear in the comic ;D
For now, be content with the original sketches that I came with during YaYCon 2012 XD


He's a loud, overly-dramatic and noisy boy, but he's also honest and sanguigne about the things he likes!
A Photography student at the Academy of Fine Arts, he got to meet his fated love, Flavio, there.

"Andrea" derives from Greek, and it means "Man".
It's time for you foreign guys to face the fact that "Andrea" is a MASCULINE NAME XD


He's a cute, feminine and shy boy.
He studies Visual Arts at the same Academy attended by Andrea.
He lives in the same condo as Cecilia, a childhood friend of Andrea.
Besides painting and art, he loves Japan, and managed to visit it a year prior the events of this comic.
He's afflicted by a severe pollen allergy since childhood.

I decided to give him curly hair 'cause I rarely draw characters with curly hair :DIt was a nice change, for a time!

"Flavio" derives from Latin, and it means "Blonde".


Mizume is the self-absorbed, selfish and arrogant spirit of a cherry tree.
Born in Japan, Tokyo, he's bothered by the fact that he's now forced to live in a foreign country, surrounded by foreign people who don't understand his beauty.

"Mizume" (水目) means "Japanese cherry birch", but that's not the type of tree that he's protecting.
His design is shamelessly inspired by that of Kuranosuke Koibuchi from "Kuragehime".

A grey crow, a "retainer" of Mizume, who calls him "Guri" because his name is too weird to pronounce.
Grigio is charmed by Mizume, and accepts to keep him company and keep him updated about the things happening in the park despite the terrible attitude of his friend.

"Grigio" means "Grey" in Italian.


He's the righteous, affectionate and young spirit of a maple tree, secretly protecting Flavio by an omamori that the boy bought during his visit to Itsukushima Shrine.
He speaks in a strict Hiroshima dialect.

"Kouyo" (紅葉) means "Maple".
Mizume calls him "Momiji Manju" to make fun of him because of his form when he's out of energy-- In return he calls him "Sakura Mochi" XD
His design is loosely based on that of "Hiroshima Kiyomori", a mascotte character of the city of Hiroshima.


The childhood friend of Andrea, she lives in the same condo as Flavio.
She's supportive of her friend and his relationship with Flavio despite a crush on him since they were kids.

I came up with her look and name because I was thinking about Kicylia Zabi from "Gundam" when I was sketching her, LOL.


--I decided that more crows characters were needed when it came to my mind that crows are "sociable" kind of birds, and it'd be weird to have Grigio as a solitary birdie in the whole park-- So I came with Artiglio first, and then with the other guys.
At first I thought her as a male, so to give more strenght to her role as Grigio's sort-of-rival/nemesis, then I opted for a female character who is in love with him, to give more spice to the relation with Mizume, and also because I really like the idea of a "reverse trap" like her in the story >D !

I was troubled with the design. I had no ideas to how to draw her, but the fact that her hair had to be extra-long... In the end as I was done with her design I realized that she's tragically similar to Kouyo, but at that point I was too lazy to try with another design, LOL!

  "The Other Guys"

Basically, the only two crows who are recognizable among the others XD
They are Artiglio's faithful comrades, as everyone is part of the big family, and everyone recognizes her as their leader.
They love making fun of Grigio because of his crush on "a tree", but they still care and worry about him and his well-being.